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Senior Exhibition- 4 DAYS AWAY

Days away from the Senior Exhibition and we are hanging, printing, and setting up our studios. I've ordered business cards, printed copies of some of my work, and set up a Square account to accept credit cards as payment at the show. 

I've made a few pieces since my last post, you will have to come to the show to see them. I've send out personal cards to all my friends and family who I would love to come. I ran out sadly.

I recently won a Student Leadership Award with the university. The award Ceremony is the Sunday after the Senior show. I'm very honored to have been nominated and selected to receive it! 

I will have pictures of the show for next week, See you there!



Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Three Days until Midway Critique


Today I am taking photographs of my work to make a presentation for one of my classes. I'm having some trouble getting my images perfectly focused. Even though I have a nice camera, its almost 10 years out of date. I'm currently working on a few different projects for the senior show, I'm also trying to catch up on work for my Painting III class. My midway critique went down hill so I'm starting some new paintings or more interesting collages and scraping my old idea. 

The painting to the right is an update on the one seen in the studio. This one will go into the senior show. I'm alittle nervous about the critique considering my quarterly crit. They focused on the way I was painting and went off topic rather than just talking about my works or anything else besides one painting. Fingers crossed. 


The Holiday Sale was this weekend, we had a huge outcome. Some see the show while it is still up until December 10th 2016. 


Studio Update on 12/1/16

The Ball is Rolling

So today,

I'm in the studio catching up on my senior show work. I started a new painting along side of one I'm currently working on. I've taken some images of things I'm doing and wanted to talk about them. 

I have three large paintings I'm working on for the Senior exhibition in April. In the image below you can see a blue painting peaking through the two that are just under-paintings. That piece is more worked and is sitting so I can come back to it with fresh eyes. You can see a better view of it to the right

[In the image below that] The the red painting on the right is a photo-collage (When I take multiple images of the same subject and put them together in photoshop) of a building I took some photographs of. I've started it by putting down varying thickness of oil paint mixed with Gamsol, which is a paint thinner. The painting on the left of that is a painting of a simple collage I made. 

I've included a small sketch of my boyfriend Cody from me sketchbook. I'm trying to do more little sketches to keep my hand busy when I'm not doing much artwork. 

What my studio looks like right now, I hang everything on the walls to keep them off the floor. I'm a messy painter so I have to cover some artwork with brown paper. You can see that in the back behind the red house painting.