Three Days until Midway Critique


Today I am taking photographs of my work to make a presentation for one of my classes. I'm having some trouble getting my images perfectly focused. Even though I have a nice camera, its almost 10 years out of date. I'm currently working on a few different projects for the senior show, I'm also trying to catch up on work for my Painting III class. My midway critique went down hill so I'm starting some new paintings or more interesting collages and scraping my old idea. 

The painting to the right is an update on the one seen in the studio. This one will go into the senior show. I'm alittle nervous about the critique considering my quarterly crit. They focused on the way I was painting and went off topic rather than just talking about my works or anything else besides one painting. Fingers crossed. 


The Holiday Sale was this weekend, we had a huge outcome. Some see the show while it is still up until December 10th 2016. 


Studio Update on 12/1/16