Inktober 2018

Hello again!

I thought I would give an update on my drawings for inktober, a month of daily ink/pen drawings. There is usually a prompt but I'm not currently following it.  

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day 2 - pen drawing of an old building from reference

day 2 - pen drawing of an old building from reference

day 3 - pen drawing of an interior from reference 

day 3 - pen drawing of an interior from reference 

day 3- pen drawing from an old building my friend saw, from reference 

day 3- pen drawing from an old building my friend saw, from reference 

day 5- linocuts of a hallway, from reference. 

day 5- linocuts of a hallway, from reference. 

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Online store

I have some exciting news!

I'm going to be opening up a page called " works for sale" that will give you the opportunity to purchase works or prints from me. 

Most of the works for sale will be very affordable and can be mailed to your door ( not internationally). I'm in between jobs and needed a way to put a little cash in my pocket so I thought this would give you a chance to purchase something with out breaking the bank. Although prints are not originals, you can still enjoy your favorite works and hang them on the wall. They do not come framed so you can pick out what works best in your home.

I'm trying to include all of my audience who are still in school or would like to support but cant afford a $400+ price tag. As an artist ( and a budgeter) I love collecting work from friends but I can't always afford masterpiece originals, so I try to at least support the artist and contribute to the art funds people have by purchasing prints or smaller works. 

I do feel strange having a fine artist website with a store, but maybe that's the new generation of artists. I don't think I will dip into the trend of putting my art on coffee mugs but if you would like to get into that type of merchandise I can put up high-res images for download for sale so you can put it on every tote bag or mouse pad you like ;)




It's Alive!!

See something new?

I completely redesigned my website and uploaded tons of new images of my work. Please feel free to leave me any comments, ideas, or if you see something that needs to be fixed. I tried my best to cover all bases with this new design. It is a bit difficult to make sure I didn't miss anything. You will notice some links have been taken out- such as my older works page. I felt it wasn't important to look at the work I did while learning, although some pieces are breakthroughs, they are classroom assignments. This site is going to stick to what I've ventured off to accomplish on my own. 

I will be updating the work information in the gallery daily. I wanted to make the site live even though the titles are missing for some pieces. I haven't names all of the pieces yet. So it will take some time to record all of the information and put it online. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Current Projects

I know many of you probably checked on Sunday for my update of photos, but something came up and I realized I needed more time to photograph work properly for the website. So here are some images of in progress works. 

I've sold the building watercolors during the midsummer festival. But I'm currently working on two pastels and Inktober. If you don't know what inktober is, its when you draw every day in ink for the month of October. 

I'm looking to submit my two pastel pieces to the Lyme alumni show coming up in December. I'm also hoping to complete a few collages in the next few weeks. I've collected lots of material and now I'm searching for building materials to start working on. 

Thanks for checking in!

Summer Activity

I've been bouncing between job searching and sorting out my new apartment. This summer has been very eventful. I went to Colorado for a week, visited Single fare's gallery opening of metro cards ( and bought a lovely piece!), and moved out with my boyfriend! I also participated in the Lyme Academy's midsummer festival. Its been a roller coaster lately, one door closes and a few small windows open for me. But lucky for me I can fit through those windows and turn them into something new.

I will get my photos together for Sunday to post. I'm working on a few separate projects at the moment. I have a studio space that doesn't allow me really to oil paint much which is okay for now. I can express my other creative outlets.



Senior Exhibition was a success!

First I want to congratulate all of the 2017 senior class for putting on such a spectacular show!

Many of my family members and friends showed up and I was honored to receive comments and kudos about my work, whether it was written on my studio wall or in person. The night went so fast and I tried to spend time with all of them for a few minutes. I want to thank everyone who came and supported me! 

I was lucky to sell two gallery pieces and a few small items from my studio. 

I was very fortunate to have one of my Professors, Susan Stephenson ,recommend the viewing of my work to some very generous buyers.(seen right) I was able to take photos with them next to the pieces they bought, so I could share this very great moment with you. I will be writing thank you notes to them as well!

It was a great experience on Friday. After I came down from the high of selling work and getting so much positive feed back on my pieces my boyfriend Cody Avery, and others went out to dinner to celebrate the opening. 

This past Sunday (4/10/2017) I received a Student Affairs Leadership award. I was nominated by my supervisor Donna Leake. 

Senior Exhibition- 4 DAYS AWAY

Days away from the Senior Exhibition and we are hanging, printing, and setting up our studios. I've ordered business cards, printed copies of some of my work, and set up a Square account to accept credit cards as payment at the show. 

I've made a few pieces since my last post, you will have to come to the show to see them. I've send out personal cards to all my friends and family who I would love to come. I ran out sadly.

I recently won a Student Leadership Award with the university. The award Ceremony is the Sunday after the Senior show. I'm very honored to have been nominated and selected to receive it! 

I will have pictures of the show for next week, See you there!



Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Juried Show tomorrow!

Hello again!
Now that we are back in school and the ball is rolling again, I've got new projects and pieces to show off. Tomorrow is the Annual Juried Student Show and I'm very pleased to announce I have two pieces in! There is also a show down the street at the Old Lyme Town Hall opening on  Friday Feburary 17th at 4:30pm. Sadly I have class during that time but I will ask to step out. 

I'm currently working on new collages and finished the red house painting. I'm pleased with where it is at. My collages are getting stronger and I'm thinking of ways to display them in the senior show in April. If you want to get a sneak peak of my work before the senior show you can come to the Juried Show tomorrow and look into my studio. The seniors have cleared out an area to show some work as well. 


Above is a small slideshow of things I have been working on in Concept Art Class. From left to right; a 16-bit pixel character, a (unfinished) map for a game , and armor inspired by something from nature (pangolin) 

This piece, titled Paper Plains , will be in the student exhibition. 

This piece, Titled Vacation Home will be in the town Hall show, including another piece called Factory Tin Cans

Three Days until Midway Critique


Today I am taking photographs of my work to make a presentation for one of my classes. I'm having some trouble getting my images perfectly focused. Even though I have a nice camera, its almost 10 years out of date. I'm currently working on a few different projects for the senior show, I'm also trying to catch up on work for my Painting III class. My midway critique went down hill so I'm starting some new paintings or more interesting collages and scraping my old idea. 

The painting to the right is an update on the one seen in the studio. This one will go into the senior show. I'm alittle nervous about the critique considering my quarterly crit. They focused on the way I was painting and went off topic rather than just talking about my works or anything else besides one painting. Fingers crossed. 


The Holiday Sale was this weekend, we had a huge outcome. Some see the show while it is still up until December 10th 2016. 


Studio Update on 12/1/16

The Ball is Rolling

So today,

I'm in the studio catching up on my senior show work. I started a new painting along side of one I'm currently working on. I've taken some images of things I'm doing and wanted to talk about them. 

I have three large paintings I'm working on for the Senior exhibition in April. In the image below you can see a blue painting peaking through the two that are just under-paintings. That piece is more worked and is sitting so I can come back to it with fresh eyes. You can see a better view of it to the right

[In the image below that] The the red painting on the right is a photo-collage (When I take multiple images of the same subject and put them together in photoshop) of a building I took some photographs of. I've started it by putting down varying thickness of oil paint mixed with Gamsol, which is a paint thinner. The painting on the left of that is a painting of a simple collage I made. 

I've included a small sketch of my boyfriend Cody from me sketchbook. I'm trying to do more little sketches to keep my hand busy when I'm not doing much artwork. 

What my studio looks like right now, I hang everything on the walls to keep them off the floor. I'm a messy painter so I have to cover some artwork with brown paper. You can see that in the back behind the red house painting.