website update

Online store

I have some exciting news!

I'm going to be opening up a page called " works for sale" that will give you the opportunity to purchase works or prints from me. 

Most of the works for sale will be very affordable and can be mailed to your door ( not internationally). I'm in between jobs and needed a way to put a little cash in my pocket so I thought this would give you a chance to purchase something with out breaking the bank. Although prints are not originals, you can still enjoy your favorite works and hang them on the wall. They do not come framed so you can pick out what works best in your home.

I'm trying to include all of my audience who are still in school or would like to support but cant afford a $400+ price tag. As an artist ( and a budgeter) I love collecting work from friends but I can't always afford masterpiece originals, so I try to at least support the artist and contribute to the art funds people have by purchasing prints or smaller works. 

I do feel strange having a fine artist website with a store, but maybe that's the new generation of artists. I don't think I will dip into the trend of putting my art on coffee mugs but if you would like to get into that type of merchandise I can put up high-res images for download for sale so you can put it on every tote bag or mouse pad you like ;)




It's Alive!!

See something new?

I completely redesigned my website and uploaded tons of new images of my work. Please feel free to leave me any comments, ideas, or if you see something that needs to be fixed. I tried my best to cover all bases with this new design. It is a bit difficult to make sure I didn't miss anything. You will notice some links have been taken out- such as my older works page. I felt it wasn't important to look at the work I did while learning, although some pieces are breakthroughs, they are classroom assignments. This site is going to stick to what I've ventured off to accomplish on my own. 

I will be updating the work information in the gallery daily. I wanted to make the site live even though the titles are missing for some pieces. I haven't names all of the pieces yet. So it will take some time to record all of the information and put it online. 

Thanks for stopping by!