Senior Exhibition- 4 DAYS AWAY

Days away from the Senior Exhibition and we are hanging, printing, and setting up our studios. I've ordered business cards, printed copies of some of my work, and set up a Square account to accept credit cards as payment at the show. 

I've made a few pieces since my last post, you will have to come to the show to see them. I've send out personal cards to all my friends and family who I would love to come. I ran out sadly.

I recently won a Student Leadership Award with the university. The award Ceremony is the Sunday after the Senior show. I'm very honored to have been nominated and selected to receive it! 

I will have pictures of the show for next week, See you there!



Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Here is the Senior Exhibition card with my work on it!

Juried Show tomorrow!

Hello again!
Now that we are back in school and the ball is rolling again, I've got new projects and pieces to show off. Tomorrow is the Annual Juried Student Show and I'm very pleased to announce I have two pieces in! There is also a show down the street at the Old Lyme Town Hall opening on  Friday Feburary 17th at 4:30pm. Sadly I have class during that time but I will ask to step out. 

I'm currently working on new collages and finished the red house painting. I'm pleased with where it is at. My collages are getting stronger and I'm thinking of ways to display them in the senior show in April. If you want to get a sneak peak of my work before the senior show you can come to the Juried Show tomorrow and look into my studio. The seniors have cleared out an area to show some work as well. 


Above is a small slideshow of things I have been working on in Concept Art Class. From left to right; a 16-bit pixel character, a (unfinished) map for a game , and armor inspired by something from nature (pangolin) 

This piece, titled Paper Plains , will be in the student exhibition. 

This piece, Titled Vacation Home will be in the town Hall show, including another piece called Factory Tin Cans