Senior Exhibition was a success!

First I want to congratulate all of the 2017 senior class for putting on such a spectacular show!

Many of my family members and friends showed up and I was honored to receive comments and kudos about my work, whether it was written on my studio wall or in person. The night went so fast and I tried to spend time with all of them for a few minutes. I want to thank everyone who came and supported me! 

I was lucky to sell two gallery pieces and a few small items from my studio. 

I was very fortunate to have one of my Professors, Susan Stephenson ,recommend the viewing of my work to some very generous buyers.(seen right) I was able to take photos with them next to the pieces they bought, so I could share this very great moment with you. I will be writing thank you notes to them as well!

It was a great experience on Friday. After I came down from the high of selling work and getting so much positive feed back on my pieces my boyfriend Cody Avery, and others went out to dinner to celebrate the opening. 

This past Sunday (4/10/2017) I received a Student Affairs Leadership award. I was nominated by my supervisor Donna Leake.