Allison Pillari is a visual artist who was born in Connecticut. She attended Three Rivers Community College to start her interest in art. Once she graduated with an Associates in Visual Fine Arts in the Winter of 2013, she continued her art education at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, a College of the University of New Haven.

Graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts as a Painting Major spring of 2017, she continues to share her knowledge of art making with at risk youth at Our Piece of the Pie as a Creative Arts Instructor, where she is passionate about making art and helping others overcome struggles. Her interest in architecture and abandoned buildings has many influences on her current work. Her content consists mainly of these building as a tribute to them.

Her main medium is Collage and Oil Paint, but recently started to experiment with chalk pastels and printmaking.


Email: allisonpil@yahoo.com